Seeking a playgroup

I am looking for a playgroup that plays at any of yhe following times
After 5 p.m Eastern Sundays
After 6 p.m Eastern mondays
Tuesdays (any time)
After 6 p.m eastern thursdays

I am up to play pretty much anything as I am able to pick up most games very easily and there’s not very many games that I don’t like.

I’ll be part of the group. Let’s hope more people join. (Just give me time to learn games, if I have not played them before).

Hy. I’ll be part of the group. What are your main interests ( themes, style of play, that kind of stuff). Keep me posted please.

let’s me join too I joined not long ago and no friends want to join

guess i used the wrong reply… I would like to join too, very lonely playing pandemic alone

So guys i see we’re steadily becoming a group. I propose we get organized and actually play something. I’m just saying:-). Any preferences?

Hi folks! Count me in. Sundays times work for me. Fairly new to Vassal but long time BaHotH player.
@Blackstarr580 - I replied to an earlier comment. I’m interested in any game. Have played these IRL:
Munchkin, Saboteur, Catan, Pandemic, Arkham Horror, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Battle Masters, Clue, Monopoly and a few others.
Same thing @Baerlach said, just need some time to spec out any new games.
Who’s running this movable feast?

That’s nice @Underdrummer. I’m guessing we’re all fairly new otherwise we wouldn’t be posting here. I’m more of a war gamer myself but i enjoy playing almost anything. Nobody is running the show, but passion is the greatest organizer. I propose we play some Arkham Horror( Haven’t played it yet but i’m a fast learner;-)) ) or some Pandemic to get some group synergy and after that we’ll see.
After all we all came here to have some fun and learn something new. I’m GMT + 2 Timezone so i’m at least 7 hours in front of you guys ( took my sweet time to figure out Eastern timezone does note translate as European Eastern Time). Soooo… just post some feedback so i can figure out what i’ll do with my short life on this earth :slight_smile:))) Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I can play from time to time as I work a rotating shift. I’m up for anything.

I am EST and don’t know the next move here :slight_smile:

@compadrededios. I haven’t seen the Arkham Horror Module. Would be great fun playing though it’s a bit complicated for a first run. My time zone is PST UTC -8 - its a quarter to 1am here now. I have never used Vassal to play real time and I’m not sure we could with this group. Seems to be major conflict in schedules. I wrote an earlier post to Blackstarr580 and mentioned that the most convenient way for me (and maybe others) to play is by passing Vlogs back and forth. I will give Blackstarr580 a chance to start something here and if nothing happens I am going to host my own game of BaHotH using the email/dropbox vlog passing system.

Hello everyone, I see there is a few people here who would like to get a game going. Some new players as well. I am fairly new to Vassal but I have started a G+ community called Vassal anyways. If you would like to join you can use the link below. … 3621163032
I have a BaHotH module tutorial video posted there and some other things that may help new players. If you like, join the community, no permission is required. I have been looking to start another game of BaHotH since Dec. If nothing happens here soon, I will be looking to host a game. I prefer to play using email and/or dropbox to pass vlogs back and fourth. This requires some knowledge of Vassal and I can’t see cheating being a problem with people who like to play BaHotH. While this does massively increase the amount of time it takes to play a game, it also allows players to take their turn when it is most convenient for them. Anyways, let’s see what happens here with Blackstarr580 as this is his/her post. Looking forward to seeing you in the G+ Vassal community and playing some games and making some new friends. Cheers! :smiley: