Seeking OGRE/GEV Opponent

I’d prefer to do something from Shockwave or Battlefields, but one of the basic GEV scenarios, or even plain ol’ OGRE would be fine.

I’ve got no problem with PBEM; I could do live any time after 5:00 PM (eastern) Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. Saturday’s an open schedule.

I’d be glad to try a game of OGRE/GEV. My schedule can match with yours on Tuesdays or Wednesdays (after 7:00 PM EST).

Which scenario would you like to try?

Let’s make this happen. I’d also like to play some OGRE/GEV. I’d also be looking in particular, for opponents with mic/voice capability, as typing in all the attacks would get old very fast.

Anyone have Ventrilo installed?

I don’t have anything Ventrillo-like on my (older) Mac. I don’t even own a microphone. I can see how typing in all of those attacks could get annoying, though.

What would you like to try?

I could be convinced to play a game or two of this as well if you are still looking for opponents. I am available most weeknights 9-11 pm EST. What voice over computer software do you use?