Seeking PBEM

I stumbled across Vassal over the weekend while browsing the boards at BGG. I like what I’m seeing so far, and think I’m ready to actually start playing. I’d like to start with PBEM while I wrap my head around how things work.

Basically, where I’m at right now is that I have downloaded the engine, went through my collection and selected a couple of handfuls of games to download the modules for, and I’m on my second read-through of the User Guide (reading while playing around with the engine).

As far as games go, I’m a FFG fanboy. My tastes lean towards co-op (Arkham product line), co-op with secret traitor (Shadows Over Camelot and Dead of Winter), dungeon crawls (D&D), and 1 vs. many (Descent). I’m also open to learning and trying new games.

If it matters, I’m in the Central time zone and work daytime hours. I’m also willing to play multiple games. I’m comfortable admitting here that I play board games and tabletop RPG’s like how a lot of people play MMO’s.

Thanks and I only ask for just a smidge of patience for the newbie.


I have never used Vassal before and I am looking forward to learn to use it while PBEM. I am ready to read the rules of any game and start. My favourites are the ones connected to economy or rpg (where I can see the progress of my city/character throughout the game). If you are looking for anyone to start any game (not too complicated I hope like Twilight Imperium, I am not that experience with this type of boardgames) feel free to either respond, send me a message or write me on

Hello, I am willing to play.

Looking for an Opponenet for Wargames. I have a large collection but little time for FTF. So Im taking a chance on Vassal PBEM.

Am open to pbem gaming of any : Barbarossa to Berlin, Empire of the Sun, Twilight Struggle, For The People, .played many others, pm me if interested.

PM me, i play Betrayal at house on the hill and descent. :slight_smile:

I’m considering using Google Groups to manage my game(s). Any objections or other ideas? Success or horror stories?

I am open for playing co-op and strategy games like Arkham Horror, Robinson Crusoe, Mage Knight etc on PBEM.

I can be contacted at Looking for some good time playing it.

Would love to learn new games too.