Sekigahara PBEM

Anybody intrested?


I would like to play this.
I have the board game and have read the rules, as well as having watched some videos on BGG.
Have you played before? Would you mind playing with a new guy?

Thanks for any reply.

I’m also a new to Sekigahara, looking for a PBEM (or possibly live) game.

I’m partway through reading the rules (will finish shortly), and have watched a few instructional videos.

Anybody up for a PBEM (or live, if we schedule an evening time PST) game with a Sekigahara noob? :slight_smile:

I’m available. I only have some time for some PBEM games. So looking for some patient players.

Howdy. I got well into a PBEM game of Sekigahara, but really found it isn’t very well suited to PBEM play due to all the back-and-forth with card playing during battles, etc. So, I’ve moved onto other games on Vassal/PBEM, such as Pax Porfiriana and Cuba Libre. If you (or anybody else) would like to get into either of these games via PBEM, please PM me.

I’m open to Sekigahara PBEM - caveat though, I’m terrible at it!

I am interested in playing Seki but live only. If someone is willing, PM me.
Hope to see someone!