Select Board Option in Some Modules

I want to play some of the OCS modules offline. Korea, DAK2, Hube’s have a select board option. Only one of the maps loads. How do I get the entire map area, that is, all the maps for the campaign game to load at the same time?

On Oct 27, 2008, at 10:13 PM, generalsirarthurcurrie wrote:

I just tried this in version 3.0.17 with DAKII_V04 and it was possible
to get the entire board loaded. When the board chooser comes up,
there are buttons to add rows or columns. You will need to add
additional rows or columns to allow choosing additional map boards.
You will also have to scroll the small map preview window in order to
see the new choice boxes.

So, for example with DAK_II, if you wanted all five mapsheets, you
would have to push the “Add Column” button four times to add four
additional columns. Then scroll across the map loader window and
select Map A – Map E in sequence. That will give you a complete map.

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I’m using 3.1 v4 and it works there too. Thanks for the response.