"Select Default Board Setup" issue in 3.2.15 Windows


I’m new to Vassal and I’m trying to do the Fuzzies vs Zombies tuto in the Designer’s Guide. I can’t see any button [Add Row] in the [Select Default Board Setup] window, so I can’t succeed in placing two boards on the Map Boards Setup.

The § that gives me an issue is the following :

In the Select Default Board Setup dialog, I see one row with a dropdown box showing the available boards, and the OK and Cancel butttons. Add Row button is nowhere to be seen…

I’ve searched and I can’t find it. It may only be that I didn’t see it, but just in case I post there. Thanks for any hint.

I run 3.2.15 on Windows XP and Java 6.00.0270.0007.

Hello all,

Same behavior in Linux Ubuntu 14.10, with exact same VASSAL version and JRE 1.8.0_25-b17.

Hi all,

My fault, there is a “more than one board in the map” checkbox that I didn’t check, but it’s a level higer, on the Map itself. I double-checked the tuto and finally realized I skipped that checkbox… So forget the question and accept my apologies for noob-asking!