Send cards from one deck

I have one deck with 24 cards. I want to send all this 24 cards to 12 regions (numbered 1-12). This means that 2 cards must be in one region. How to do it? Thanks for advance!

I believe I have a sample mod for demonstrating how to do that. I’ll dig through them and post a sample later today.

Ok DrNostromo. I will be pending!

Here you go.

Just change the .zip extension to .vmod. The mod was made with Vassal 3.2.16

I have a map layout with 12 region points. You could do the same with zones. Click the “Deal” button and it will randomly deal 2 cards to each region point.

The areas to examine to see how this was done would be:

Global Properties: CardSpot
Card_Layout [Map Window] → MapBoard → Irregular Grid
Deal Button on the card layout map
Prototype - CardSend

Thank you very much DrNostromo. Complicated, but very useful for my game. I was trying understand the commands structure and meaning (easy with one deck with 12 cards to 12 regions). Finally I decided to copy and paste… and no to think much more! :slight_smile: Greetings.