Send to bottom of deck issue

Hi all

I have a deck containing cards where a player can draw cards from the top or bottom of the deck (faceup), or send cards back to either the top or bottom of that deck (facedown)

Everything works perfectly. When I join the game as a different player side (offline), everything works perfectly

When connected to a server, if any player returns a card to the deck, or draws a card from the top or bottom of the deck, everything works perfectly

The issue arises when a player sends a card to the bottom of the deck

  • For players from other sides, the card returns to the deck faceup, and the rest of the deck
    disappears. The entire deck becomes a single faceup card
  • For the player that issued the command, the deck is completely fine, and may continue to issue
    commands to and from that deck normally

Can anyone please help identify what I may have done wrong?

I had this problem some time ago, so my memory is not fresh. The issue was how I was sending a card to the bottom of a deck. I was reversing the deck, putting a card on top, and reversing it once again. I switched to putting the card atop the deck followed by the down arrow key. This was probably a better solution in any case.