Send To Grid Location problem


I have almost completed a module for a 5000 piece game with at 9’x6’ map board. During development 6 bugs were discovered and several enhancements seemed appropriate. I entered these on the tracker. Is there any need for me to post anything here as well?

Several of the enhancements are already in 3.6 development, Super!
Drag and drop in the editor tree to move items and multi-select are musts for a game as large as I am doing. Thanks in advance.

The bug:
is particularly important because I am blocked until resolved, or else have to drop the feature.

I am using Send To (Grid Location in selected map) to transfer units between maps where the destination Board and Grid Location are calculated with expressions based on piece type (in one case) or by its location on the original map (in the other). I want only one Send To entry in the menu not one for each possibility.

To summarize Send To works for all destination settings(Region, Piece, Location) but not to Grid Location

I can work around the first case by sending to a Region instead. But the second cannot be set up that way. I think that I can put invisible pieces down and Send To another piece to jump back and forth if I must. My expressions (listed in the bug report) give the correct answer and the pieces even go to the right place but I get nulls in the chat area every time I touch the piece.



For this particular case, using the LocationName property of the piece is at is likely a logic error.

I thought that a Restrict Command of the Send To for all of the invalid locations would work but it seems that some kind of calculation happens first regardless and I will get a null error.

The Send To GridLocation still does cause trouble for me when using expressions, especially when regex is used.

This was solved by using Decks and the Sending Pieces to another Deck function. Much better, less “code” and no extra prototypes.