Serious WIF gamers wanted


Unfortunately I havn´t had the opportunity to play WIF for many years now. VASSAL migth be the solution.

I am seeking a couple of serious opponents for a game of WIF - we will not exceed 5 players. I usually play Germany and/or Japan/Italy. I hav eplayed a handful of games “live” - although never finished one. I am not familiar with VASSAL so it will be best if one of you are able to set the game up and so forth.

If interested please write to

Best regards
Gert Dyrn

Hi Derne,

Where on this planet are you located? Are you thinking primarily online sessions or via e-mail?

(I´m in Sweden, GMT+1, and really only looking for online play since I feel e-mail means too much time spent handling the game rather than playing it.)

I would be interested in playing. I’ve played several games (never finished one though) but have never played WiF on Vassal. I’ve played other games on Vassal though.

San Diego, CA

I went to the modules page but could not download the WiF module. Has anyone tried that yet?


Hm, not sure what the deal is with that Lance. I downloaded it just a couple of weeks ago but it seems to be gone now. I’ll just add back in the version I downloaded. Stand by.

Ah, it’s not there because of the file size, Lance. The module is 136 meg, and the limit on the wiki for a file is 50 meg. There’s a link below that leads to another source for the mod, and I believe that must be how I got it the other week.

I have played WiF several times. I work the mid shift so that probably playing live will not work for me. I can do e-mail with Vassal. I have heard of one WiF gamer that plays by e-mail and then when combats occur they go live with Vassal to resolve them. I am one that goes to the end so quitting midway is not an option for me.

Thanks, Herodian. I got it downloaded via the external link you mentioned. I would not mind playing it although I have never played one myself. The game looks awesome.


Guys - if you are still looking to play, i would be interested


Me too…
Reading the rules now…


My situation has changed where I could play live using Vassal. Ready to get started.

In setting up the game, the Vassal module for the Deluxe game has all the starting naval units in thier respective countries. Also, the 1939 and prior force pools are set up in each countries national pool. Each force pool for each country from 39 to 45 is set up. The entry markers are in their respective years. The only little thing is that the partisans are not set up according to year, but would be easy to get.

All the needs to be set up are the ground and the land forces.

The vassal 6.30 WiF module is pretty easy to use. All the charts included with the board game are in there and the Americas and African maps are also there.