Server or PBEM?

I am about to start a new module with some friends. I am concerned that sending a log file from one player to the next could become cumbersome. My idea is to set up the module on a server and let the players log on and make thier moves as they wish. What do you think? Would this work? Does that make sense? If so, can I run my own server?

If you could guarantee that you could keep your server running (or at least save the game before you crash/reboot/…) that would probably work. But running your own server requires some coding to change the URL clients connect to, see:

I tried now to see if switching to Peer-to-Peer mode (under Preferences > Server) would help, you could keep your VASSAL running like that, but you need to Invite people to join, rather than having them connect. So that wouldn’t be practical.

Is there an auto save option that saves the game every so often? That would solve the problem. Otherwise I could just save any time I logged on. The box I am looking at is a linux machine that has been through hell and back. I’ve decided it can not die and have named it Lazarus