Server Status - web/java code for a specific game

Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to view the “server status” of a single game.
I would like to integrate this view into the site that I have dedicated to a specific game and facilitate the meeting between players (by browsing a simple web page instead of having to necessarily open Vassal).
Let’s say I could browse to a webpage (like the “Server Status” page on Vassal webiste) and see if there is someone online with a particula Vassal module and then decide to pena Vassal client and meet him to setup an online game.
Hoping to be clear.
Waiting for your kind feedback.

The server status has been visible from a webpage on our site for at least 15 years now. There’s no need to open Vassal to see it.

Hi Joel,
thank you for your fast reply.
I’m aware of that great page!
I was talking about a webscript or something similar to only show the server status for a specific game module and show the result on another webpage.

Something like this:

There’s no public API for the server status presently. There will be a public API for V4.

If you’re interested in doing the work for V3, I can point you to the scripts, but you’d have to implement rate limiting as well if the API is going to be public.

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This is a great news!

I will keep my eyes open.
Thank you Joel for all your work.

Yes please.
I’ll gladly give it a look at.

The first step would be to design a JSON REST API for accessing the data. I’d be happy to review it if someone does that.