Server Status

Greetings -

I hope this is the correct place to post a question like this, if not please direct me to a better spot.

I was wondering if there is some sort of web service call or HTTP Post that I could make to the server to see who is playing a particular module. I am an admin on Discord for a few wargames that have VASSAL modules and it would be nice to have a command that shows whether or not any games are currently active on the server. This would be similar to the VASSAL Server Status but only for a specific module. Any pointers or suggestions would be appreciated.

Also, I just want to thank all of the developers that work so hard to create this amazing toolkit.

Gary Bartlett
link on the landing page.
scroll to the bottom.

Yes, I see that there is a web page that has some type of control that allows a user to expand a specific module and see if anyone is playing. What I was wondering is if the status.php page, or some similar new page, could be enhanced to take the module name as a parameter and return a JSON structure showing the current rooms and players.

Something like -


Returning something like -

{ "module": "someModuleName", "rooms": [{ "Name": "roomName", "players": [ "playerName1", "playerName2", "playerName3" ] }, { "Name": "anotherRoomName", "players": [ "playerName4", "playerName5" ] } ] }