Shift Ctrl O adds spaces

When you do “SHIFT CTRL O” in the “Global Key Command” space within the “Global Key Command” trait of a Piece, it puts a bunch of spaces in front of it. If you do it again, they go away. Not a major bug, just annoying. :smiley:

“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature” ;)

In fact that’s not spaces: you’ve just switched the text direction (look at the funny flags on the cursor when you click in the middle or at the left of the text).
Try it in any other text box: description, command name… !

I’m not sure how it should work anyway, as I’m not used to right-to-left writing (here, it looks more like right alignment rather than reverse typing direction: I guess you need special fonts to get the real reverse direction)

Must be something I don’t have in my version 3.2.2 because my cursor does not change in any text field. Even left and right clicking does nothing. Plus, it happened when I clicked on a set of keys in a key reading field. So, even if that option existed, it shouldn’t have activated there.

At second sight, the small flags on top of cursor appear only after I type some fresh text (and if the cursor is not at the far right side of the text box).

Any difference should be related to the java version (1.6.0_26 at home) or OS (linux here): all text fields in my Vassal 3.2.2 behave the same (all traits, but also user “Preferences”, and even the file name for loading/saving a game!). I also tried in 2 other java programs and ctrl-shift-o has the same action for all text fields.
It looks like a default behaviour in java.

But for sure, it’s not really useful in any field dedicated to a number or a key (unless you want to define a “named key” with an arabic or hebrew name :wink: