Should vassel be down loaded fat32 or fat64 with harddrive formatted HTFS

New HP computer hard drive is formatted FTHS? Should I download the file using Fat32 or Fat64

Neither :stuck_out_tongue: FAT32 is a partitioning scheme for a hard disk. Irrelevant.

32 bit vs. 64 bit Vassal, relates to how much RAM it can address. 32 bit applications can only address ~4GB of RAM.

So, if you have a really old computer w/ <=4 GB RAM (or a 32 bit OS), use the 32 bit version. Otherwise, you want the 64 bit version.

Thank you. I am sure I will have many more questions moving foward.

Do you need to run Java to run vassal? Have new HP with windows 11 preloaded,I7 and 16 megs memory.

The Java needed to run Vassal is built in. You shouldn’t have to concern yourself with that.