Show hex during mouse over

How do I get the background map to show with the units there when I run my mouse over the hex?

Some modules let you hide all the units and then unhide them. I don’t know a way to hide only the units in the hex having your mouse pointer. I would also like to know whether there’s a way to see the units and their hex or square at the same time. (Of course you could move the units to look under them if permitted–but you might forget to put them back correctly.) My use for
this is making sure that units are sitting on a chart of available units are actually sitting on the right spot. The chart is a map with squares as far as VASSAL is concerned.

I know from the recent modules of VASL that it is possible to see the units and their hex by rolling the mouse over them for a moment. But I cannot figure out how its done. Any help is appreciated

In the editor, in the Map component, add a ‘Mouse-over Stack Viewer’.

I already had a ‘Mouse-over Stack Viewer’ If there are 2 or more units it displays copies of them non-overlapping, but the original units are still on their hex and cover up some of the terrain.

Here are screenshots from the module editor:
Changing ‘Display when at least …’ to 1 gives similar undesired behavior for single units also.

Do you mean this behavior where a part of the map is displayed inside the Counter Detail View display along with the counter? VASL has a custom coded version of the Mouse-over viewer that does this. It’s quite nice, but it is not a feature of standard VASSAL.

I can’t speak for bobbydevo, but that VASL custom-coded viewer is exactly what I’d like. I don’t play or know ASL, so I’d never seen it until Brent Easton posted his image. In addition to ordinary maps, my module: … .vmod?dl=0
has Order of Appearance charts (maps as far as VASSAL is concerned) that have images of all the playing pieces on them. The custom viewer would be perfect for checking that the
pieces are sitting on the right images. By the way, I made the Orders of Appearance in a different color than the pieces–otherwise each piece would be indistinguishable from its spot on the chart.

Yup Brent that is what I was looking for. So its custom to VASL… Darn
Maybe in the future we could see this as a common element in VASSAL

It should not be too hard to port that over from VASL as an option on the standard Counter Detail Viewer (Checkbox: Show Map Y/N, size of map to show x,y) to show an x by y pixel region centered on the stack being viewed.