Show Property sheet on Hover?


I would like to effectively show the property sheet (or a basic description of the piece) when I hover the mouse over it on the gameboard…

I can get hover working, and make it show the pice larger, and any stacked ones etc, but I want to add some text to this to describe the unit (a fixed string of text for each piece).

Anyone know how to do it please?!


You can configure this in the ‘Mouse-over Stack Viewer’ dialog for the Map containing the pieces. You can show text above each piece (the ‘Summary text above pieces’ field) and/or below each piece (the ‘Text below each piece’ field). You specify the text as a Message Format, so if the piece has any properties you want to display, include them in the text surrounded by $ characters, e.g.

This piece is called $BasicName$

Note that if pieces are in a stack, the ‘below’ text is shown for all pieces but the ‘above’ text is only shown for one.