Siege of Jerusalem - Assault on the Temple reinforcements

In the Assault on the Temple scenario, Special Rule 3 says to take Judaean reinforcements from “units eliminated during the course of play”.

I assume this means from the dead pile but I cannot find the dead pile. It does not seem to be on the game card.

Where is the dead pile?

Hi, I’ll take a look at the module within a day or two and give you an answer, I haven’t looked at the SoJ module in a minute, so I want to make sure I can give you the right answer. I’m pretty sure the dead pile is on one of the boards,

OK, curiosity got the best of me. If you right click on any of the units, you will see the option to send the unit to the dead pile. For the campaign game, there is an entire life cycle that the units go through, from the gameboard, to the interphase board to be scored, then the unit transitions the dead pile on the campaign scenario board. For the smaller scenarios, right clicking sends the units to the interphase board where they remain until they are returned as reinforcements. There are three separate dead piles on the interphase board. One for the Romans and one for the Judeans and another or the Roman leaders.

Not sure my previous answer sent properly.
For the campaign scenario, units have a life cycle in which they move from the gameboard, to the interphase board to be counted, then to the scenario dead pile, then back to the gameboard as reserve/reinforcements . If you right click on a unit, you will see the option to send to the temporary dead pile on the interphase board. For the smaller scenarios, this will be the permanent dead pile, as they will not pass on to the scenario boards because the smaller scenarios do not require the automated actions required in the campaign scenario triggered by the module automated sequences. You may retrieve the units there for reinforcements.