Siege of Jerusalem - Sending Replacements to board

The instructions for sending Judaean replacements from the Replacement Stack to the board say:

“3. Shift Alt Right to send Replacements to board”

What does “Shift Alt Right” mean? Right mouse click while holding down Shift and Alt buttons? Hold down the Shift and Right Arrow buttons?

My opponent and I can’t work this out. We gave up and had to drag the counters to the board one at a time - painful!

Did you try holding alt and shift and pressing the right arrow key? I don’t know the module, but that’s how I’d read it.

In the 2.3 version of the game, I corrected the instructions to use the turn counter to advance though the interphase steps. The interphase board will automatically move the dead units to their next location, either to the southeast area of the map if they are part of the randomly selected replacements or back to the scenario board if they are not returning to the main map.

Just to be sure, are you clicking through all of the interphase steps? That is what automates all of the victory points totals, and the random counter selection for the game.

I am using an iMac so SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW doesn’t do anything

Answer to your C Multiple question repeated here for relevance to turn counter issue.