Silver Bayonet - immutable Landing Zone markers

Uoon placing a Landing Zone marker on the map, it becomes immutable. Meaning, you
can’t delete it or change it’s position. I haven’t discovered any way to do those operations on
such a marker. Using vassal 3.5.5 and SB v1.32. Any solution or clues, anyone ?

Looks like these pieces are using the Does Not Stack trait with the setting that you have to hold down the Shift key in order to select them. Then you can move or delete them.

I’m guessing the designer did it this way to stop players from accidentally moving them along with units, but there are much better and less user-hostile ways to accomplish this. Even if you document how players are supposed to “special select” pieces designed like this, most won’t read it and will still end up flummoxed.

Thank you for your quick reply. That was driving me nuts :slight_smile: