Silverton in English

I got the Silverton one. Trying to play solo, but the manual is in Spanish. Anyone have an English translation?

I recently found an unused copy of Silverton at a yard sale and am learning to play it using the solitaire scenarios.

Here’s my take on the Vassal module:

Up to four players: Rojo (red), Azul (blue), Amarillo (yellow), Gris (gray).
Each player has his/her own window (oficina) for holdings. To change the amount of money, right click on a digit and select “Increase” or “Decrease.”

It appears that the “Shuffle” command is only available on the passenger deck, but actually shuffles both decks.

When drawing new claims, drag them to the “Propiedades/Pasejes” window. There is a caption available on each claim to indicate total production or to note depletion.

Surveyors and prospectors are selected from the Saloon - drag and drop to desired location. They can be instantly moved to the jail, cemetery, or office by right clicking on the piece and selecting the desired location.

To construct a track segment, right click on the track’s cost square and select “Increase” or “Decrease” to assign the color of the owning player.

To place a snowplow: right click on the box which contains the marker of the player who wants to place the plow and select “Increase” or “Decrease” to set the desired plow. [Note: I’m missing something here…all this does is change the ownership color of the track. Not sure how to place a snow plow, but it is not crucial for solitaire play.]

Open claims can be indicated as such on the map - right click on a location with an available claim and “Enable” it. If the location has more than one claim, select “Increase” to the correct number. The indicator may remain on the map as a reminder that there is an available claim until it is owned by a player (right click and “Reset”).

Figured out how to place a snow plow: Right click just ABOVE the track box where the snow plow should go - an invisible piece will be highlighted which you can “Increase” to the correct plow number.