since v3.2.17: image file names better error checking?

I presume that this is better error checking in later versions of Vassal ?

Open Wellington module (v3.1) in latest Vassal (I was using v3.5.4 snapshot);
An error message about a missing image file is seen: The Eagles Come South.png
On examination, the module contains the image but the actual image name is all lower case.

I went back to v3.2.17 to fix the issue; no error message on opening the module.
I have a feeling that maybe the error will be encountered when that piece is referenced.

Edit: Ah yes; error message appeared when I tried to access the image.

Anyway, I will submit this small bug fix to the module as v3.11


Hi Mark,

Could you post a screen shot of the exact error message generated please.


The error message that appears when the Wellington v3.1 module starts under v3.5.3 (and probably earlier). Under v3.2.17, this message does not immediately appear but instead appears when a component is accessed that references the missing/misnamed image file.

I think this is probably correct though - isn’t Vassal now pre-checking image files (a good thing, if so, though it must add a little to module startup time) ?

[attachment=0]wellington v3.1 under Vassal v3.5.3.png[/attachment]