Small forum bug that might need to be changed

Posts that are years old are not listing the year in the post date only the moth and day making them look like they are new if someone replies to them.

Can you show me an example? I see the month and year for posts older than a month or so.


It’s on the first page currently!

The post in your screenshot says “Jun '18” in the upper right corner. Is still don’t see what you’re trying to point out.

I think you are interpreting Jun '18 as “June 18th”, when it means “June 2018”.

Sorry I meant to include this notice that is later on in the thread:

Wouldn’t it be better to include the year?

So people starting posting into that thread did not see the 2 year thing thinking the thread was active and new.

The message says that DJaye’s previous post was two years ago. That is the one previous to the post there. The post there is from 14 days ago, as noted at the right.

Ok sorry I missed that!