Small Worlds

Small words game!

Everyone please check in. This is your GM.

This is Thaylen, signing in.

Adder007USA, mobilizing forces

I want to post a quick reminder on the rules.

Sabatage Runs (though I doubt they will be used)
SE objectives (will play to 10 VP)
Race specific Tech, both SE and Shards
Shock Troopers
Space Mines
Wormhole Nexus
Tactical Retreats
Custodians of Mecatol Rex
Preliminary Objectives
Mechanized Units

Will use all SE Strategy cards with the exception of trade. Will use Trade 3

Mech units are not immune to bombardment or pds fire.

I will give you a race, you can keep or take the second race i assign you.

For board setup, I will give you x amount of tiles and we will set it up according to standard set up. I think this is raw set up? I will PM you the tiles you got, and I will provide a file after one round of playing tiles.

One thing I want you to be aware about when using vassal. When I (the GM) put something into your private area, you can move it, but you won’t be able to flip it. To flip it, you will have to move it out of your private area then put it back in. Its a small annoyance, but nothing too big.

I want your opinion on this second house rule: blank artifacts are worth a one time 1-2 TG. So a small incentive for finding a blank artifact.

You can vote: 1 TG, 2 TG, nothing for blanks.

2 tg is my vote.

Just like on BGG, if there’s room I’m in!
(Haven’t played with mines before, looking forward to it)

If I’ve got the last spot, I’ll vote for at least 1 TG, I’d be ok with 2.

I’m signing in.


Signing in. Vote 0tg for blanks, but whatever is fine…

some technical questions Mr Suchecki (you have Polish relatives btw?) & other players

is there a link to the nomenclature we’re going to use in our posts?

if I understood it right we should change the situation on the board in vassal to keep track of the events and then you will upload the ‘real state’ of things every 3-4 turns anyway so that it’s all correct?

is there a possiblity to meet up every now and then online at the same time (like for the start of the game) to play in the semi-live environment?

ClockworkElm here, ready to go.
I vote 2 TG for black artifacts.

First, yes my relatives are polish, but I’m second generation American.

Second, there is standard terminology used when referencing items in the game. I’m not sure if there is a link or post, but it is from my experience playing on wiki and here on vassal where I learned it. Its pretty easy to pick up. The CCTAP I was referencing is a simple way for me to keep track where you are and what you are doing.

Third, I will provide a saved file of the game for you which will be updated often. You can take that saved file and update it yourself if you want, but it will not be necessary. For example, I am a player in the zero-1 game and I never update the moves on my own just for the fact that it updates often enough, and the post in the forums is easy enough to understand. After a few turns or when it is necessary (for example after a major space battle) i will update all the post on the forums leading up to the most current post. For examples, see the zero-1 game.

Forth, it is possible to meet online and play a live game, or partial live game. Vassal allows for both. However, it is extremely difficult to get players do to that and I don’t even know what time zone most of you are in.

cheaterbane, Absolutezero asked me before you did. If aremedis doesn’t post soon, then the position is yours.

2 TG for blanks. Anything else we need to vote on or get established?

Here is a list of shorthand for those of you who are interested.

CCTAP = Command Counters, Trade Goods, Action Cards, Political Cards. Used in PBF games to indicate a person’t race sheet status, usually in AS/FS/CP, TG/AC/PC format (where AS is Strategy Allocation, FS is Fleet Supply, CP is Command Pool, TG is Trade Goods, AC is Action Cards, PC is Political Cards)

WS = War Sun
TG = Trade Good

And some others:

AC = Action Card
PC = Political Card
PO = Public Objective (or Preliminary Objective, depending on context)
SO = Secret Objective
MU = Mechanized Units
GF = Ground Forces
FI = Fighter
CV = Carrier
DD = Destroyer
CA = Cruiser
FS = Flagship
R/I = Resources/Influence (on a planet, usually)
SC = Strategy Card
Merc = Mercenary
CC = Command Counter

If anyone has anything to add, go ahead.

Only thing we are going to vote on is TGs for blank artifacts. Everything else should be established.

One more question, just because I’m not that familiar with vassal and PBF games…I assume that the GM will handle combat rolls and any other random stuff that may occur?

You assume correctly.

Cool. Looking forward to the game…very interested to see who I wind up with as my race.

Cool, maybe we can be starting this game any time now. Still waiting on player 6 to check in. Might be in a time zone that does not come up until later. Anyway here are the players

P1 To be determined and our speaker (figures)
p2 Franko
p3 Thaylen
p4 Adler
p5 Clockwork
p6 Absolutezero

In case I sent you have a different player number then the one i sent you, please default to this. Everyone’s should be correct. Remember, if you don’t like your race, you can send me a PM and you will accept the second race I send you. So think carefully. I am for the most part, pretty happy with race selection. I only see 1 of you reconsidering. Once you confirm your race, I will send you your 5 tiles via PM. I put all the tiles back in their piles, so if you want to look through the tiles to remember what tiles is which, go ahead.

For now, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the saved file attached here. Make sure your choose your correct player number. Take a look at your PCs and your Prelim. Remember you will have to first move them out of your private area for you to view them. Don’t worry about other players seeing, because mine is the only saved file that will be posted to the game. Feel free to whatever you want to the file. You should not be able to access the GM area. So please don’t try. If you are having trouble moving cards out of the private area, I believe the shift + and clicking on the mouse button will give you access to move them.

Once all races are confirmed, I will reveal who is who and we will start placing tiles.

One more question.

Do we handle any bargaining, secret messages, etc. via pm-s to the relevant player or is it in any way restricted?

Good question. As far as I’m concerned, you can communicate anything in secret. I can’t prevent you from doing it anyway.

Sorry for late response. Checking in now.

not to the GM, I’d like to take my chances with a second race draw please.

edit: I vote blank artifacts to be 2TG also