Hi, we are to players who would like to start up a small world game. Have played it many times face to face but never on vassal. Anyone who wants to join?

I played this recently f-t-f and really had fun. I’d play, if you can get enough players.

Great, then we are three. Need a couple more!

super… some gamers for smallworld…

I would like to play but i have never played… never with the physical game and the virtual game on Vassal…
I find to learn…

Bye contact me

Then we are four! I think we will start if that is okei. Send me your mailadress and I`ll start the game.

Kwayne and bwalezak, we need your emails so we can play! Trondo and I (Luke) have moved. I have a turn waiting for the first of you to send me your email. Just send me a message through VASSAL.


You can count on me, i’m a big fan of this game

I would enjoy a game of Small World as well. Head to head or email. My name and email are on the module page’s player list under Greg O

I would like to try this game here, i have enjoyed it face-to-face. please e-mail me if you are going to start a game, i would love to join.

I played it f-t-f a month ago. Its real fun i would like to join if thats okay?

Can I play?

Sorry we have started a game :frowning: