Solitaire Play - Basic Question

In the users guide it states that when playing solitaire, one should select the ‘Retire’ key to change side. I do not see this option in the current version…am I missing something?

How does one expedite?

Also, is there an option in the game for hidden symobols?


That would depend on the module you’re playing. The designer may have altered and/or removed it (although I don’t think you can remove it)

I’m not quite sure what you are asking here.

Maybe there is a circle with a slash through it on a toolbar. In the Stalingrad module, clicking on that does the “retire” operation.
I don’t know if the original poster is using a similar module, nor whether there is also a keyboard shortcut, but maybe this will help.
Good luck.

It is possible that the module you’re using doesn’t have ‘sides’ defined. Sides are used when info (like card hands) need to be hidden from one player. So if that wasn’t built into the module, there will be no ‘Retire’ button.