Solo and Multiplayer Wiki Categories

Sorry if this isn’t the right place to put this, but I have only recently come to learn about Vassal, and was very excited to see the huge collection of modules. I was quite sad, though, when I discovered that I couldn’t search/filter the modules by the number of players; Solo games are of particular interest to me.

To that end, I created Solo and Multiplayer categories (which are subcategories off of the Players category which is currently unused). I also started tagging a few modules manually, to demonstrate how it would work. No one has approved the creation of these categories yet, so I wanted to post this feature request in hopes of either pushing that along or giving a place for dialogue.

If these categories were to be approved, I would create an automated script which would go through all of the modules and automatically tag them as Solo, Multiplayer, or both as appropriate. The script would also reserve and make note of any modules which could not be automatically assigned a tag, so that I could manually intervene.

Let me know any thoughts, or if I need to post this elsewhere, or if you think I’m crazy. Thanks!

I have enabled the sorting of modules with the Players category from the Module header and added a link on the module section.
At this time I’ve got just under half the pages properly linked. I should have the rest done soon.

The format for the player category is “n to n” which will make it unique to this category and not mix with others we have (i.e a purely solo game will list number of players as “1 to 1” and you can view that sub-category under players). If you want to help edit the headers of game pages not done yet, feel free, they will hit moderation regardless so might be 24hrs before you see the change