Solo or multi-player

Can any Vassal module be played solo? I’m looking at many WW2 games and some Star Wars games. Is there any way I can play these games solo? Can I have two sessions open, one as the host and another as a “joiner”?


Sure, anything can be played solo. VASSAL is essentially a virtual sandbox that you move game pieces around in. There is generally no rules enforcement or rigid sequence of play. Many games have some aspect of hidden information–modules for those kind of games often have a “Solitaire” player side included in them that gives you access to everything (hands of cards, hidden boards, etc).


Thanks for confirming what I was hoping was true!

It bears saying that VASSAL can greatly augment solo play because you can really take your time with it, “leaving your game up” on your computer rather than a gaming table that kids, cats and significant others can get at… it’s a good way to get an intro to a new game before taking on a live or PBeM opponent.