Some easy way to restrict reporting of movement?

Not sure if there is a way to do this in beta 7, but could there be a checkbox on the mat trait to suppress auto-reports for movement for cargo currently on the mat?

Actually, I’m going to expand this request: Vassal has long been in dire need of a “restrict reporting” trait. A way to set a condition that prevents reporting (specifically, reporting movement), CurrentMap, CurrentZone, Global Property, being Cargo… these are all things I would love to be able to use to turn off reporting.

I see that @Cattlesquat added the beanshell evaluator to some of the reporting but I don’t think it included the map report fields (these didn’t include any beanshell ability before, whereas others like the Report Action trait did). Beanshell in the map report fields would a flexible solution if it were possible, I think.

Actually I kind of think those map report fields could be beanshell too e.g. { message } instead of $message$

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