Some oddities on the site's module list...

  1. There are two module listings for Conflict of Heroes, versions 1.10 & 1.14, developed by the same contributor. I can understand having multiple iterations of a game if developed by different people, but if it’s the same guy the older version should be removed.

  2. There is a module called “Remove this” that hasn’t been removed yet?

  3. The link for module Trader goes directly to download, rather than to a module page, as does the link for Iron Tide v. 1.7 – which prevents people from signing up as players or easily contacting the contributors. I think every module should have a basic page. If you want your files to link to another host, that’s fine, but give us something to look at first.

Hi Judge dredd !! :wink:

Till the starting, i was voting for you to be the keeper of the Vassal Module list …

+1 vote for you …

As you must know … the option to put a direct link is not permitted in this current website … it’s may be why this kind of things occur. (I prefer to keep myself light in my speach because the Iron Tide module is from the forum administrator :laughing: )

Try to give ideas about you see the new module section management to Joel, …



haha no need for that, be as brutal as you like. :slight_smile: But it’s not my fault! The actual game designer of Iron Tide created that module entry. I have since educated him about putting links in for specific versions. So now we just have to figure out what to do with version 1.8! :open_mouth:


I will be as brutal as possible … Ready ? Go !

Just answer to my PM sent 8 days ago !!! :wink:

!i know i’m a master of brutality :smiling_imp: