(Somewhat) Inexperienced 1776 player looking for experienced opponent

I’m a long-time owner, but infrequent player of the game. I do know the rules fairly well and have played several of the original scenarios. I’m looking for an experienced player with both 1776 and VASSAL to show me the ropes a bit in a game. Any takers?

Are you still looking for an opponent. I would do a PBEM game. Email me at mokbuck@hotmail.com if still interested.

How would you handle the strategy battle cards for this?

Involves trust between the individuals. Player A sends and email with his choice - the receiving player B does not open the email until player B has sent an email to player A with his choice.

Another method is to simultaneously exchange emails at an agreed time, assuming each player’s email service has a delayed sending option. For example, gmail has Schedule Send.