SoR module 5.0.6 - Loyalty marker bug

Module looks good! Thanks!

However, once loyalty markers are placed on spaces, they become non-selectable and lose their right click behavior rendering them impossible to move, select, delete or alter loyalty. I think maybe this is a layering issue? But definitely detracts from playability.

All other functions seem to work well (minor bug that the current player cycles through Carthage in a 4 player game).

Can anyone else reproduce this functionality? In a multiplayer game, this seems easy to reproduce.

Thanks to the module developers by the way!


You have to hold down the Shift key to make them selectable. This is a “helpful” feature setting of the wretched Does Not Stack trait (where you can require a key be pressed in order to select the piece). Of course it’s actually not helpful at all, because it’s completely unintuitive and there’s no on-hover tooltip or anything to give you a clue about it. Unfortunately it isn’t mentioned in the module help they wrote, but it is mentioned as a note for the 5.0.3 module on the wiki.