Soulgivers available now

Soulgivers available now

Does anyone know where this module is? I have not seen it appear in the library.

That link (at least for me) does not appear to be a released web page; it does not contain a download link. That download link, after the module was released, should appear on this page:

Because they didnt approved it yet

I didn’t approve the article for a couple days as I was waiting for the module to appear. Someone else beat me to it.

As for the module, I’ll send a note to Tim. He might be on vacation or something.

I think something is wrong. I just approved several articles for new mods that have been reviewed and approved but I still don’t see yours being published. You may want to re-submit it.

I sent a note to Tim. Haven’t heard back from him yet.

Ok, it’s up and I’ve linked it to your initial announcement. Tim said that the queue was flooded with spam and it took awhile to sort through the mess.