Source code for Twilight Struggle vmod

Hi all, where can I find the source code for the Twilight Struggle (3.1.2) module?

The .vmod file has a bunch of Java classes in it and it looks like all the important game logic is in there.

The module hasn’t been updated since 2014 and VASSAL complains that the code is out-of-date. So far it has (mostly) worked fine in the couple of games that I’ve played, but there is a bug with one of the cards (Grain Sales to Soviets) that I have managed to hit twice in a row. Would like to fix that if possible. (I see someone else has reported the same issue a few years ago.)

Have you tried contacting the maintainer (mkiefte), as listed on the wiki page for the mod ( His email is there on the wiki page… (He also has an alternate e-mail listed in the notes for version 3.1.)

Yes, I suppose I can try contacting mkiefte.

Is the source code for the module not otherwise available? That strikes me as very unusual.

If you open the class files in IntelliJ, it will decompile them and show the code.

Comments and such will be missing and a few variables will have weird names depending on how the code was originally written. But generally you should be able to see what is going on in there.

Can you edit the code, recompile and put it back in the module? I should think so, but I have never tried it.
But next time the code might be a bit more unreadable. As a general solution, it might be best to use the original code if possible.
But as a quick fix for you, I don’t see any problems with it.


If the source code isn’t in the module, your first course of action should be to ask the module’s maintainer for it.

Okay I’ll contact mkiefte. Thought maybe I just wasn’t looking in the right place for the sources.