South Africans

Any South Africans or English speaking Europeans (in same or similar timezones) wanting to play Twilight Struggle, Combat Commander, A Few Acres of Snow, Crash tackle, etc. Havent played on vassal for a while but am getting back into it.

I am looking for someone to do Combat Commander. I’m in CET, so we’re only 1 hour off at the moment. I know the rules and know the module ok, still a beginner with the game itself.

Thanks for replying.

I could get online from 7.30pm my time but you may want/need to start later. Mon, Tues best for me. Are you on Skype so we can talk at the same time?

Also a beginner with the game. havent played it in a while but with at least a days notice I can refresh my knowledge.

Check out the official Crash Tackle Discord server to find new opponents: Crash Tackle Rugby Game