Space Empires 4X PBEM (2p game, latest rules)

I’m looking for an opponent to play a 2p Space Empires 4X game, using the latest basic rules.

I played one full game f2f, and I would like to try playing PBEM using VASSAL.

I will probably play 1 move per 24h, maybe more.

I might need a bit of help with VASSAL as it will be the first time I use it for a PBEM game.


I’m interested. PM me if you’re still looking for an opponent.

Did you ever find an opponent for Space Empires 4x? If not, then I would be interested. Let me know.

Hi Starlock,
No, I haven’t found an opponent yet. I’ll probably need a bit of help with VASSAL though as this is the first PBEM game I play using this engine. How do we start?

I’ll PM you.

I’m interested in space games. Know where I can download the rules?

Yep! … nting.aspx

Interested in an opponent. Familiar with the rules and have played f2f a few times but never played PBEM/Vassal. Message me on