Space Empires 4X

Hello! Recently updated to the 3.07 version of SE4x, and have been having trouble starting a new game. With the 3.0.5 version after you selected your scenario via setup, it would setup the board based on what scenario was selected. With this version it does not appear to do that. I get this message in the log:

  • scenLoadSelect : Setup status is “SETUP ON”
  • scenLoadSelect : Setup status is “SETUP OFF”

Is the auto-setup feature for 3.0.7 broken? Or am I just being blind and not setting this up correctly? the log message would indicated to me that the setup status for the scenarios is immediately turned off so that a manual setup is required. No big deal, but was just wondering…


I started with 3.07… and also have your problem… so you are not alone. ;)

I, too, am having the same issue.