Space Empires 4X

I’m trying to run the Space Empires 4X module with VASSAL 3.5.3. When the module gets to the point of displaying the map window, I get a message, “NOTICE: You have placed more than the allowed number of this ship type.” I haven’t placed any ships. Clicking “OK” just repeats the message. I’ve tried this with module versions 3.0.7, 3.0.5, and 3.0.4. I’m wondering whether to try an earlier version of VASSAL.
Thanks for any help.

  • Paul

Indeed, functionality with more recent VASSAL versions isn’t guaranteed–this is noted on the module’s wiki page: … mpires:_4X

It’ll definitely work in VASSAL 3.2.17, which itself requires Java 8 (nothing newer than that will work).

Thanks for clarifying that. It’s disappointing, however, I’ve got a new machine, and it does not seem to run 3.2.17.

The module could be updated, either by its current maintainer or by someone willing to take up the task. Consider contacting the module’s maintainer about that, volunteering to update the module, or helping find and support someone in doing that.

What kind of machine are we talking about here? Is it an architecture that isn’t supported by Java 8? That’s the only requirement to getting VASSAL 3.2.17 running.