Space Empires PBeM

Looking to get back into Space Empires after a hiatus. I prefer to play with some of the Close Encounters rules.
I like sharing files via Dropbox, but I’m open to other methods. Most days I expect I can make more than one move.

Hi Paul,

I’ve never played the game, but would like to try it. Does it play pbem OK ? I can usually get a log file/turn done once a day. You can contact me direct on

Have downloaded the rules and will check out the module

Does the game require 4 players to be worthwhile playing?


Hi Martin,
Absolutely, SE:4X works well PBEM. While four players is great, I’ve had many a good battle with two players.
I’ll email shortly.
We should probably go with the normal map scenario. For our first game, think about whether you want to play with the Advanced Rules, or just go with the base game.

  • Paul

OK - give me a couple of days to read through the rules. Maybe we’ll get another player or two by then. It looks like a game that you can ease yourself into - I play to learn and enjoy, and winning at any cost is never my priority - though I always do my darnedest to win of course, as I respect my fellow gamers time.
I’ll let you suggest which optional/add-ons rules to use, if any, as you know the game better. There may be times when I have to ask you for "help’ in a general sense :slight_smile: