Ok am playing several games via vassal mods and having a great time. Now I find my self thinking about Space games . Are there any good mods out there that are being played for some empire building , exploreation, master of orion type board games? Not sure if there was ever a good board game of this type in the first place. Would settle for a good combat space game as second choice.

look into Twilight Imperium

Had a look and would look interesting, however where to start? Basic 3rd edition,expansions, house rules out the ying yang. I suppose then it would depend on what the people playing game here would be using as that would be where opponents would be found. Anybody out there with suggestions here?

Also look at “space empires 4x”. I would be interested in a pbem game.


on the surface 4x seems the one to get into quickly. I would say I am up to try game. Have you played yet Joe? You can contact me with more info/ideas.


I’m in a similar boat.

I’ve played some Vassal 40k, but never Twilight Imperium. I just got the board game and love it.

If there’s a new TI game starting anytime soon, I’m certainly interested.

Now to scour forums for anyone starting one up…