Spamming out from the palette

One of the nice features that TTS has is the ability to clone pieces simply by clicking where you want the new copy to be placed. I’ve been wondering if Vassal could offer this somehow.

Here’s an idea that maybe could be developed…

I left click on a piece in a palette (possibly with a modifier key to prevent accidents) - Vassal remembers the piece I clicked on.

I now click on a map somewhere… - Vassal places the piece as if I had just released the mouse button having dragged that piece from the palette.

This mode continues until I right-click (or some other means of terminating the process)

This feature would benefit module users who are setting up pre-defined scenarios with lots of similar pieces. It is not really aimed at game play itself.

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I think the idea of piece palettes implementing hard & soft limits (see other thread) would complement this as it ensures that however many of the unit was intended to be available is not exceeded (which would easily occur if this functional request was implemented).

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Board18, an online, partial implementation (just the board and pieces played on the board) of many 18xx games uses this type of interface for placing pieces on the board. I would prefer this type of interface (click to select and some kind of click on the desired destination) for placing and moving pieces.

I’m wondering if this can be done by giving the piece an Action Button trait where the entire piece is the button which initiates a Trigger Action that:

  1. gets and saves the mouse cursor location at the next click in one or two properties, and
  2. triggers a Send to Location trait of the piece that uses that(those) property(ies) for the destination of the StL

I’m wondering how one would capture the location information of a mouse click into a property.

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