Special startup for Refresh Predefined Counters

Tools…Refresh Predefined Setups has some limitations, which might be aided by some special Startup GKCs.

Normally, startup GKCs do not run with Refresh Counters.

This request is for two forms of special GKC that module maintainers might use:

  1. An option so that the GKC runs ONLY when a scenario is loaded by Refresh Predefined Counters.
  2. An option so that the Startup GKC ONLY when a scenario is about to be saved after a Refresh Predefined Counters.

I am not sure that there is a use-case for option (1), so that might be discarded. The use-cases for option (2), include:-

  1. One time adjustments to modify a scenario - e.g. move in new counters into an At-Start Stack, adjust positions when a grid changes or place cards onto a deck.

  2. Corrections where Refresh Counters is unable to handle the situation. For example: Refresh Counters results in duplicate pieces in a situation where the updated piece has changed GPL · Issue #11361 · vassalengine/vassal · GitHub

The workaround can be to do these changes each time an old pre-set scenario is loaded, which introduces an overhead/delay to opening the scenario. Or do the changes manually, which can be impractical when the number of changes / scenarios is large.