SPI 1812 hex version of the game is missing but site says it already exists!

1812HexSpi-1-1.Vmod shows in the module page that it does not exist, but when I try and upload it also says it already exists on the site.

The area movement version is 1.7 and the hex version is 1.1 they are two separate designs that were sold together so there should not be a different page for each. The file was uploaded awhile ago I think but because it’s version is lower than the area version it may not have been approved.

Can someone give me a clue what is holding this up? Thanks!!

I don’t see any such file in the moderation queue. Try uploading the file again.

If it continues not to work, let me know.

Yet when I try and upload I see this!

You have a case sensitivity mismatch–the original file is .vmod, you’re trying to upload .Vmod

Or I suppose it’s easier to just edit the module page so the link uses .vmod and will connect up to the existing file. Then nothing needs to be re-uploaded, right?

Regardless, you really should keep the extension all lowercase, as .vmod, not .Vmod.

I changed the page, I think. I didn’t upload the original file as my files are all lowercased vmod.

I tried uploading a Vmod version of the file but the file checker still sees it as the same so the only option is the page edit that I can see.

Why are you trying to upload a file with the same version number in the first place? If it’s different, it really should have a different version number.

I didn’t spot it at first, but in the image you posted previously, the filename of what you were trying to upload differs in a second respect: yours has a dash after Spi (the original does not). If your ultimate goal is to upload a replacement for an existing file, the filename must match precisely.

Exactly - user typo. Fixed their page for them

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