SPI Games For Vassal Modules

Given the relaxation of Decision Games’ attitude toward SPI games being available for modules, is anyone working on SPI games for Vassal?

Are you sure, have you more news about this?
If we can made modules for SPI games, i will make a lot of them, and about VG or 3W insert of S&T what’s the position from DG?


I thought the problem wasn’t DG per se [though they’re the rights holder], it was more their deal with HexWar to be the “sole real-time play” client/capability for their games. That’s why there are heaps of Cyberboard modules available for SPI and DG titles, but the anti-VASSAL stance. As for DG’s position, they’ve started to ask for volunteers to put together modules for their current releases (with a focus, I think, on the monsters), but I’ve not heard of any movement on their stuff…