SPI games opponents wanted

SPI games War Between the States, Wellington’s VIctory (Based 10 combat), War in the East 1st ed (Attack on the march rules preferred), Grenadier (yeah I actually like the game), Napoleon’s Last Battles (Combined arms and units in a hex may split up in attacks), Soldiers, Phalanx, Prestags, Leipzig, 1812 hex version, La Grande Armee 105/1806/1809, Panzergruppe Guderian, Drive on Stalingrad, Panzer 44 (have module that includes all PanzerLeader/Blitz/AIW boards for playtesting using a convered scenario 21 France 1940. PM me if interested, for fun only!

Left out Lost Battles and Operation Typhoon.

Hi, I would be interested in PBlitz/Pleader and Panzer 44. I have no experience playing on Vassal. Have played the AH games ftf.
and the SPI Panzer 44.

I didn’t think there was a Vassal for Napoleon’s Last Battles.
Which is a shame (I have hard copy)
Something to do with lawyers I expect


This group plays any WW2 board game, usually using Vassal.

Several version exist on vassal

DG allows vassal modules now on this site. It is there!

There is a NLB module on this website.

Late to the party but… Would love to play NLB.

Unsure how to PM, though. Will figure it out.