SPI S&T Copyright

I am just finishing a module for the S&T Armada game. Does anyone know the copyright situation?
I believe that Decision hold all the rights to SPI but the digital rights were held by a third party a few years ago. This lead to all the existing Vassal modules being removed but I notice that they seem to have returned.
Will it be okay to upload the module or do I need to get permission from Decision or someone else?


The only titles owned by Decision Games which we don’t have permission to host are the D-Day at Omaha Beach series, RAF series, War in Europe, and SGFE.

Anything from S&T should be fine.

That’s great. Thanks very much.

Would someone please design a module for Sniper!

There already is a Sniper! module.

There is no actual module file linked on the wiki page (until quite recently, SPI games could not be hosted on the wiki, and it looks like this one hasn’t been uploaded since the change). If you log in to the wiki, you will be able to see the module maintainer’s e-mail, and contact him directly.