Spirit Island Map Issue

Model: Acer Aspire A515
Operating System: Windows 10 Home
CPU: Intel Core i5-8250u
Memory: 8 GB
Video Card: Intel UHD 620
Vassal version: 3.2.17
Java version: 8 (update 221)
Vassal module name and version: Spirit Island 1.7.03

Essentially, the issue I’m facing is that the bottom left corner of the map when set up for a four player game is cut off by the edge of the window, and no amount of zooming or adjustment of the window size will allow me to view this corner of the map (the whole map just moves when I adjust the window size, as though that spot is where the map stops). Additionally, several of the game components also overlap with the board in this same spot.Tried to include reference image but the file was too large. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Anyone who could help you troubleshoot this will need to see the module. You’ll need to upload it somewhere and provide a link.