SPQR version 2.5 Troubles


I have downloaded the SPQR module, version 2.5, and have encountered a severe problem:

When I load up the module or try to start a game, it asks me to choose a side (Roman or Barbarian). This alone seems odd…I then do so, and it then asks me to choose a map. However, only maps that are included in the game, not all the battles. So, for example, if a certain battle uses the Zama map, that battle isn’t available. I can only choose the Zama map itself. I go ahead and choose a map, and it loads up the blank map. That’s all it does. When I go to file and look for ‘load scenario,’ all I see is ‘new game.’ If I click that, it takes me through the same process. I can’t load any scenarios. Any ideas what might be wrong?
I can drag units onto the map, but it would be a pain to set them all up manually. =/

Help would be greatly appreciated…