Stack control funniness

Okay, perhaps it’s not a bug and perhaps it’s not new, but here goes:

I am a big fan of using the arrow keys to move units up and down in a(n expanded) stack.

This works great for a stack of 3 or more units, e.g., select the top unit and press DOWN to move it to the bottom, or perhaps press LEFT/RIGHT to find a place for it in the middle of the stack.

For a stack of 2 units, though, using these keys has the desired effect on stack order, but immediately collapses the stack down to its unexpanded state, which I find annoying.

Is there some setting I can switch to stop the collapse? In case this is module-specific, you could try Joel’s Barbarossa to Berlin module for an example of this behaviour.

On 11/04/2009 at 3:59 PM meng wrote:

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Bug [2766794] Expanded Stack of 2 pieces collapses when arrow keys used

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