Stack Viewer - order reversal

This is a really minor bug or (possibly intentional feature).

When looking at a stack of units on the map (not with the stack viewer), you have a stack shown as
A (top of stack), B, C, D (bottom of stack)

The stack viewer appears to display things in reverse order
D (leftmost), C, B, A

So how the counters order in the stack viewer is reversed from the counter order on the map.

At least how my mind processes information, the most important thing is either 1) on top or 2) leftmost. So seeing it reversed bothers me. However, this is also likely due to the fact that my language is English (read left to right). I wouldn’t be surprised if that paradigm is reversed for people whose language reads right to left.

Minor and we can certainly live with it, but still appears to be a bug… Alternatively, may it would make sense to let a player configure (as general option) if they want the stack viewer to work left to right or right to left?

I don’t understand what you’re describing. In most modules, the stacking offsets are positive, so going from bottom to top through a stack is from left to right—which is exactly the same as the order in the stack viewer.

Here is an example of what’s going on – you can see the how the pieces are oriented in the stack on the board (trench on the bottom, French in the middle, British on the top). And then the Stack Viewer shows them trench-on-the-left, (French still in middle), British on the right, and he’d prefer the left-to-right order be reversed or a preference.


I made a PR to allow reversing the order w/ a preference.

Test build should appear here: … /684082839 (unless I screwed it up, haha)

Ticket 14257 - … i?id=14257